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STP = Sublimation Transfer Paper

Jetcol Papers Excel Where Other Transfer Papers Fail!

You face many challenges in your sublimation business. The performance and reliability of your paper should not be one of them. 

We have studied and used many other transfer papers and Coldenhove Jetcol paper stands out above them all. You can be confident that when you use the Jetcol paper you are getting the very best. 

Jetcol papers are engineered specifically to meet the challenges of dye sublimation industry so you can be sure our paper excels where other transfer papers fail. Jetcol papers have a unique coating technology which provides superior ink economy while delivering richer color output. The coating is engineered to receive the inks at printing, but also, to release the inks at transfer. The cellulose coating holds the ink without ink bleeds giving you the best ink transfer possible. 

Most paper manufactures have a separate process for paper manufacturing and paper coating. Coldenhove applies their superior cellulose coating in one continuous manufacturing process (most manufacture?s roll and unroll the paper to apply the coating). This unique manufacturing process ensures that you get consistent, reliable paper with every order. 

Three Primary Reasons To Use Jetcol Paper

Exceptionally High Transfer Yield: This high transfer yield gives you the ability to achieve deep, saturated colors on the end substrate with an increased color gamut compared to other transfer paper.

Ink Savings: Jetcol paper is designed to release the ink during the transfer process, yielding a savings of 30%-50% on ink costs compared to other paper. With other transfer paper the ink absorbs into the paper which is then trapped in the top coating, this results in a lower yield, giving you less color, brightness, less coverage. 

Excellent Printed Shelf Life: Jetcol paper retains its original condition far longer than other papers. 



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