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Roland Printers
The Roland printers are user-friendly transfer dye-sublimation printers that delivers greater
productivity, outstanding performance, exceptional print quality, and a powerful, professional
solution for digital textile production.  These printers have been engineered and designed with
great care to maintain the acknowledged quality of Roland products.  They are the best sublimation printers available.
Sublimation Ink

A complete line of vibrant sublimation inks which include superior color, light fastness and fluorescent.

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Jetcol papers are engineered specifically to meet the challenges of dye sublimation industry so you can be

sure our paper excels where other transfer papers fail.

Mutoh Printers
These printers are priced right to maximize value.  They use the exclusive I2 effects to reduce banding
and produce more production with with fewer printing errors.
Epson Printers
Surecolor sublimation printers have been designed just for sublimation printing.
Digifab Rotary Heat Presses
Our electrical rotary heat presses with multi-zone heating control will give an uniform color transfer both
in the length and across the width. There is no need to use oil-based drums for most applications, with
this newer, cleaner, and less power consuming technology, you can achieve the same results, consuming
less power for heating, and avoid difficult and messy repairs of the oil-based drums.
Knight Flat Bed Heat Presses
Geo Knight & Co is known throughout the imprinting industry for our top-end, high-quality heat press machinery.
For heat pressing t-shirts, caps, plates, mugs, tiles, or anything else that requires heat transfer printing.
AnoPix(TM) - Aluminum Signage
This process combines all the advantages of anodized aluminum and inkjet technology to produce a unique custom solution.
Textile Inks

Direct print on to many untreated fabrics with a dry heat set.

Dampers and bulk feed systems


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