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Honey color cheap hair extensions also known as real hair extensions, listening to this name is super sweet, very suitable for the season of love hair extensionsis a combination of brown.


VWF UK = Ultra Black Vibrant Wide Format Sublimation Ink

Same Printer - Same Profile - Same Paper - Same Fabric Piece

Pressed at the same time

Different results!

Here is a sample of our VWF Black ink compared to our VWF Ultra Black ink.

Black        Ultra Black

As you can see the results are striking. If you need better spot color black, this is the solution. Several of our customers have replaced their standard Black with Ultra Black.  The Ultra Black provides a deeper and richer black color.  This darker or richer black will enhance the vibrancy of your other colors.  This means even more vibrant results for the end user.  

Better color always means better profits.



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